Our mission is simple - to provide service based entrepreneurs a "one stop shop" to find and connect with the right virtual support professionals to help create a thriving business.

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Business Owners

  • Use of this Site Indicates Acceptance of our Terms of Service. In plain English and to be totally clear, one of the things this TOS says is that the Virtual Biz Connect Directory is strictly a listing service and Virtual Biz Connect does not guarantee or control the quality of listed professionals and does not endorse or recommend any of these professionals specifically, the truth or accuracy of their listings, their qualifications, background, or abilities. You acknowledge that any personnel contacted via the Virtual Biz Connect site will be properly screened by you as part of your hiring process and you are not relying on us for any screening whatsoever.
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Here are just a few of the service providers
we will have listed in the directory!

  • Virtual Assistants

    Connect with Virtual Assistants and find your go to person for all your administrative needs!

  • Technical Support

    Need to get those pesky tech tasks off your plate?  Find the right support here!

  • Social Media Support

    Can’t be everywhere at once?  Why not hire the right person to help you gain the visibility you need?

  • Need a Copywriter?

    Information marketing is the KEY to success in the online world.  Find your copy writer here!

  • SEO Experts

    Get the traffic you need to gain greater visibility! Find a SEO Expert here..

  • Online Business Manager

    Hire the right person to run the day-to-day of your business (so you don’t have to!)

  • Professional Editors

    Looking to get your next book, product, creation edited?  Find your team member here!

  • Find a Virtual Bookkeeper

    The #1 service business owners are looking to get off their plate… so do it today 😉

  • Graphic Designers

    Professional graphics are in more demand now than ever!

  • Video Experts

    Get professional video trailers, video edits and creation off your plate and on the plate of a pro!

  • Website Design

    Time to set up or revamp your website?  Find the right person here… wordpress, custome, etc…

  • Lawyer

    No business would be complete without a lawyer looking over their shoulder.

When You Sign Up... here is what you get:

Business Owners will receive a copy of my 3 Top Questions To Ask When Interviewing a Potential Team Member.  I personally ask these same questions every time I hire someone for my team. Everyone will receive instant access to the Directory and to experts of all kinds who can assist you with your business or projects.  Looking for someone specific?  Post your listing in the Directory for FREE.  If you're an expert, be sure to post your profile! You will also receive access to 10 Expert Interviews recordings (see below)- hear how other well respected business owners have grown their business as a result of their team (and the mistakes they made along the way)

Why are we doing this?

Simply put.. we are tired of answering the questions:  'where do I find the right person for my team?'  We have pointed folks toward facebook groups, associations and tech trainers... but then thought WHY NOT JUST CONNECT THEM DIRECTLY... thus this directory was born.

Who needs the Directory and Expert Interview Recordings?

Both business owners and service providers!  After years of serving the online business community there is one thing we know for certain... there is something dreamy about matching the right client with the right team member...almost magical 😉 Hear how successful business owners have stepped into the leadership role to successfully build their online businesses.  In these interviews Tina finds out what works, what doesn't and the lessons these experts learned along the way. If you are looking to hire any level of support or if you are looking to get hired, Virtual Biz Connect is for you!

2016 #Teamtalk Vault

10 Speakers Are Getting Real with Their Hiring & Team Experience - what works, what doesn't and how they have created AMAZING working relationships.


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