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Jane Phillips

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Mindfully Managed



  • Europe / UK

  • 2-4 years

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Why I Love Working As A Virtual Service Provider

As someone who is hardwired to getting things organised and getting things done the agility and freedom of the online world is almost intoxicating! There is an endless flow of interesting problems to be solved, things to be learned and amazing businesses to work with.

My Areas of Specialty

-Helping businesses become fully optimised
I've spent more than 20 years creating, re-organising or optimising business processes and procedures. I'm known for my ability to make sense of complex situations and to turn them into slick, effective operations.
-Team Management
I love nothing better than helping every team member to be happy in their job and really shine.

My Favorite Client To Work With

-has intentionally chosen a business model aligned with their strengths, values and what truly matters to them
-understands how planning, processes and procedures contribute to a successful business (even if it isn't their favourite thing)
-genuinely expert and experienced in their field
-takes full responsibility for themselves and their business and are comfortable in the leadership position


  • Online Business Manager (OBM)


  • Online Business Management


  • Basecamp
  • Go To Meeting
  • Google Apps
  • Infusionsoft
  • Teamwork PM
  • Wordpress

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Languages: English, French, Italian, basic German

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